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I have watched his video about gllobalization, climate change and stuff like that. The video is marvelous.

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This is fantastic, he really did big help for us and mother nature.

"Education, Engage, and Execute"

Elsa - being deeply involved in the Cleantech industry my belief is end-user education containing specific actionable 'right now' tasks supported by key legislation will alter market drivers.

Increasing market drivers should then fuel incredible adoption and change at all levels.

In my opinion people's ingenuity can never be underestimated once armed with the proper knowledge.

I recently heard the phrase 'educate, engage, and execute' as a rallying theme by a Chinese official from the country's NDRC when discussing energy and water needs of China in the next decade. Perfect!

Keep up the great work - you are a growing part of the 'education' piece of the change that is needed.



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