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Thank you for posting this article. I also plugged the show on Face book, with mixed results from my friends. All I ask of people, whether they are familiar with homeopathy or not, is to watch the story.

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I have been writing about green things only rarely lately, yet my inbox is overflowing with press http://www.nikesoccercleatsshoes.comreleases from companies seeking coverage in time for Earth Day. I actually read a few of these alerts this morning. Among the pressing

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By only bringing out a few toys at a time, those few toys will regain their value and hence your child will be more interested in them.


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This is fantastic, he really did big help for us and mother nature.

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this campaign across the world. Each one of us have to strive to create a healthy and sustainable en

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The greener the better. Being aware of conserving energy can help save mother earth.

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Honesty is the moral foundation of society.

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Great site!!! Check it out-Google CEO Schmidt says punching down into the earth to capture natural and clean geothermal energy could help move the United States away from it's dependence on petroleum-Dec.16,2008-Betty


Good news! My company just released a website to encourage people NOT TO PRODUCE MORE WASTE by throwing their old things out, but to swap them! Online shopping that is CHEAP and so much fun! Help save the environment!

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