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Thanks for the useful info! I would not have gotten this by myself!

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Thank you for posting this article. I also plugged the show on Face book, with mixed results from my friends. All I ask of people, whether they are familiar with homeopathy or not, is to watch the story.

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I have been writing about green things only rarely lately, yet my inbox is overflowing with press http://www.nikesoccercleatsshoes.comreleases from companies seeking coverage in time for Earth Day. I actually read a few of these alerts this morning. Among the pressing

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if so another level of health concerns needs to be studied heavily before endorsing these kinds of products.


Very nice article and pictures which are posted .. This shows the damage which is not only happening to the sea but destroying the life of the sea animals too.

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A little know fact is there is a sea of garbage in the ocean in the Sargasso sea. The currents in this area of the Atlantic dont move so the trash stays there for the most part. But the damage dont to sea life is sickening. I have lived on the ocean and have been out to this dumping ground I cant explain the feeling I get in my stomach each time I see it.

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They caught the water from a stream that ran from the gray mud clay cliffs into the lake. When I was wee, Tracy and I named that stream Ladybug Land and built the insects shelters of rocks decorated in nail polish. I would slather my body in the mud, a naturally luxuriant skin treatment and sunscreen. Above the bluffs were 80 acres of woods. In the mid-80s, most of the trees fell for the sake of multimillion dollar lakefront properties. The homeowners above the clay cliffs and stream destroyed both with terraced landscaping.

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Nice post, nice pictures. You are a true conservationist. Louis Vuitton


Plastic is an unbelievable scourge. This link was picked up at the news site of the envirobloggers at Care 2 - not the first time I've run into the story


Nice post, nice pictures. You are a true conservationist.

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