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I didn't know this film was based on a real story, but is nice to know it. I think this poor woman had to suffer pretty much, cuz is not easy to endure this disease.

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It's like a fairy tale. I love your story so much.


is a good ideea

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actually in my art class, we was study this poem, the content is so exotic and different, for that reason our professor recommend us read it and analyze it.

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I love the sleek look, friends think I have broken with my MBT tradition! They feel great but are not as bulky as previous year's sandal.


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The Hoover Dam helped increase the population, as did its connections to Los Angeles and Salt Lake City. Overcoming early legal glitches, today it has become one of the most visited places in the United States.

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I love the story shared by you. It is quite interesting one. One thing surprise me is that "wedding rings doesn't fit every time she changed form." Are her fingers size also changed with changed form.

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si tuviera una duda con respecto a estre sitio donde podria contactarlos para aclararla? o igual me contestan por medio del blog?

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i like this part of the post:"In 1981, the New York Times described the problem of the incredible shrinking woman:

an unusually low tolerance for the poisons contained in hair sprays, floor waxes, feminine deodorants, junk food, spaceage glues and paints, water softeners, vitamin supplements, food preservatives, artificial colorings and flavorings, plastic wrappings, nondairy creamers and air fresheners." is very good

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i am doing a project for school and i need to find the chemical potency for 6 different chemicals. i have no idea what "potency" is. i looked it up and know the definition but i don't know how it refers to harmful chemicals. i need to know the potency of these 6 chemicals: zinc,lead,arsenic,xylene,chlorine,malathion
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love the story. haha wedding rings doesn't fit everytime she changed form.

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Awesome tale thanks for share it !


It is on demand in the free movie section of Comcast this month.


It is on demand in the free movie section of Comcast this month.


I just requested the DVD "The Incredible Shrinking Woman" at I clicked on "contact" at the bottom of the page and then "title request" Please request this movie. The more requests they receive the better the chance they carry it. Thanks!


I *love* that idea! I wonder if Lily Tomlin would do a campaign with us? I loved that movie when I was younger, but I haven't seen it in years.

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