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Pranic Healing

nice comment on cryatals.

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This is a topic close to my heart cheers, where are your contact details though?

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earache remedies

he blog was how do i say it… relevant, finally something that helped me. Thanks

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Kirstie MacLean

Hey, just a quick note to mention our company, Mzuribeads who also sell ethically sourced and handmade Ugandan barkcloth, banana leaf, cow horn, recycled paper and glass beads.

Thank you kindly


I wanna say something,especially if I read a post that really grabs my attention. However, I won’t do it for the sake of doing it.I just think that I really like in your article point of view.

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As much as the concept of "mind control" has been painted as a zany "paranoid conspiracy theory", I urge everyone to educate themselves on the potentials of all the technologies out there and learn what is already happening.

Robin Kilson

Every time I look in jewellery stores in Calgary, I always think to myself, when am I going to be able to buy jewellery with my own money? There are times that I wanted to make one myself, but I really have no talent in handicrafts and stuff. The ring I have right now was from one of those jewellery stores Calgary has. My parents bought this for my wedding. Someday, I'll be able to buy my own jewellery. Oh, and thanks for suggesting the "green" idea.


We at are one of the largest distributors on Gemstones on the internet.
We sell only the highest quality,natural beautiful Gemstones.We sell Gemstones for metaphysical ,cosmetic and decorative purposes.Most gemstones can be used for metaphysical as well as collective motives.

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With the price of gold near record levels, there are many scrap gold buyers who are looking to offer individuals good money for their items.

Tanzanite rings

Nice to know that Swarovski crystals also contain lead.


This is a fantastic article, Thank you.
I would just like to say to those people that love semi-precious stone jewellery...I have been searching high and low online for sellers who can guarantee me the bead stones they sell are mined ethically. I make my own handmade jewellery which I sell and would love to use stones. As yet though, I cannot find a single satisfactory seller. Kacha do claim to mine there own in Wales, uk, but they don't sell much in the way of beads. Most sellers do not even state where their stones come from and even those who claim to be fair trade or ethical have very little proof of how or why on their sites. When contacting sites I have been ignored or the information they give provides no evidence that what they sell is mined ethically.

I think it's great that sellers are making sure their factory workers are well looked after, but what about the people who dig them out? Sadly, I have not found one seller of stone beads who knows exactly where their stones are mined.

I would love to find a seller who does and would appreciate any information. Please mail me at

Venetian Glass Jewelry

Great Post.

I've noticed in my experience with Swarovski crystals, that they do in fact contain traces of lead.

Another reference site listed here:


I think for both the looks and health benefits quartz can't be beat. It's natural so there shouldn't be any concern about toxicity. Nice post.

vintage wedding rings

Thank you for post !I am very new jeweler and trying making of different type of exclusive jewelry pieces. I would like to to string my own beads and sculpt my own pendants. And your information is very much useful for me.

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Green y definitely my favorite color, really a symbol of peace.

wedding rings

did not know swarovski crystals contained lead


I love crystals especially quartz and rose quartz being my favorite. Wearing jewelery made from natural stones has been used for centuries. I will continue to wear my quartz.

Shelley - I love healing crystals

I agree with Tim. Awesome article about 'green' beads. If all of us can do just a little bit more to protect our world then isn't it worth it???


Great info on "green" beading supplies, another step towards making our lives eco-friendly and sustainable on as many levels as possible, where every little bit (or bead) helps!

RIGHT ON for linking to Dr. Nick Begich's material at as well. As much as the concept of "mind control" has been painted as a zany "paranoid conspiracy theory", I urge everyone to educate themselves on the potentials of all the technologies out there and learn what is already happening. Dr. Begich's most recent book, Controlling The Human Mind ( looks into these technologies and their history in great detail. Our entire culture has been mind controlled in myriad ways. Going green and becoming aware of the importance of sustainability and renewable resources is one step in the process of "deprogramming" that all of us need to work through if we're going to see the Earth begin to heal!



Here's more about lead in crystals:

Not really dangerous unless you're breaking them up and chewing on them.


Swarovski crystals contain lead? Now that I didn't know. Could they be equally dangerous when they're used on other stuff, say, cellphones?

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