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It is also often put into cosmetic products like lip gloss and eyeshadow. Glittery cosmetics are popular with youth, but are worn by adults.

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Glitter is used in craft projects, especially for children, because of the brilliant effects which can be achieved relatively easily. Glitter is used as an element of Christmas decorations, and can be added to rubbers and plastics.

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Find engagement rings and wedding bands to match your style. Choose from a variety of diamond rings in different shapes

Vintage Jewelry

Fantastic collection. Fabulous piece with very cute design. I would like to buy it for my use. I will check out in the catalog.

Linda J

Sea Glass Jewelry (seaglass jewelry) or Beach Glass Jewelry (beachglass jewelry) from By The Sea Jewelry combines Certified Genuine Sea Glass ™ (natural found sea glass) into stunning sea glass jewelry for the true beach lover. We use some of the rarest sea glass or beach glass collected from around the world!

By The Sea Jewelry offers the largest online selection of Sea Glass Jewelry on the web.

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How much costs these jewelry?

solitaire  Engagement Rings

Well, I am impressed with the Title of your Blog post."All that Glitters is not green, but this Diamond Jewelry" Nice title for the blog post, rarely I saw such titles.

Carla Garro

I love making unique jewelry out of fun products! I work with genuine sea glass and sterling silver to create one of a kind sea glass jewelry. Being "green" is a huge part of working with these fabulous re-found gems. Check out my selection of sea glass jewelry at:

jade jewelry

That leaf necklace is gorgeous! I am glad I came across this blog, I have been wondering where to buy "non-blood" diamonds.

silver bracelet

I love your Idea of those products.
silver bracelet--silver bracelet

Linda Jereb

For the largest selection of Eco Friendly sea glass jewelry on the web, visit By The Sea Jewelry, the oldest online internet sea glass jeweler.

Speciliazling in Rare Sea Glass from aroudn the globe!

Deborah Leon

I appreciate this article on alternative ideas for jewelry making and giving. For the coastal person who has collected sea glass, you don't have to buy a single bead or finding. For a great "Green", beautiful and clever idea...revisit your findings and sort through to pick out your favorites for making jewelry. Reommended colors would be white, olive,seafoam,lime,emerald greens, pinks, lavenders, torquoise,teal and cobalt blues make stunning wearable art.
Mermaid's Purse specializes in making custom jewelry from YOU'RE sea glass. Heirlooms to be passed on. Contact Deborah for more info at or 310.989.3503.
Fair Winds and Calm Seas,
Deborah Leon designer, collector

Danielle Renee'

I have collected glass trash along the shores of New England my whole life. While helping to keep the beaches clean I kept these sea glass gems and have been making solderless hand made jewelry with them. We have always been green.
Check us out at.

Sea Glass Jewelry by Danielle Renee'

Gilroy Fernandez

I strongly suggest you to visit Green Jewelry | Green ORO prices & compare them with Green Karat and other green retailers.

Gilroy Fernandez

I'm in Houston, Texas and were looking for green conflict free ring for my fiancee and found two local companies in Texas. Green Karat and Green ORO, i went to their respective websites i.e and I found the prices on Green ORO much more reasonable then Green Karat. I save over $ 500 by buying from Green ORO as they are the direct manufacturers of Green Jewelry.

Few things i found and personally visited:
Pros and Cons:
Green Karat
1) Pros:
Green Karat: been in business and internet for long years
1) Higher Prices
2) No In house retail showroom or store
3) Green Karat ETA time is much more then Green ORO
4) Don't offer high end created diamond settings or jewelry repairs
5) No Physical Location to visit , everything is Online
Green ORO:
1) Reasonable and Cheaper Prices then Green Karat
2) Direct Manufacturer and willing to work with you on Custom Jewelry
3) Repairs are much faster on all green jewelry
4) no outsourcing to any middle man , everything is done within their showroom and have work labs
5) ORO Certificate of Authenticity to Back 100% recycled gold and process.
6) One Tree & One Ring at a Time - i really love this concept as they will put one tree towards the purchase i made. Highly impressed with their unique concept.
7) ETA is much less then Green Karat
8) You can visit their physical Location and Showroom and can see the Green Process


The flower necklaces pictures are especially pretty.


I like earrings and Jewelry sets!


I found which also offers great green accessories such as hair barrettes, hair sticks and ponytails; also saw unique type of gifts such as jewelry, walking canes, purses..


If you want to find high-quality unique sterling silver jewelry, you have found the right place. The kinds of jewelry you will find at this website include anklets, body jewelry, link bracelets, bangle bracelets, post earrings, dangle earrings, hoop earrings, sterling silver necklaces, toe rings, religious medals, cross pendants, gemstone jewelry, cubic zirconia, chains, & claddah jewelry. Whether you are looking for a gift to bring joy to that special someone, or want to bring ease to your own life with flushing your spirits with a wave full of our beautiful sterling silver jewelry will do the job. Come and visit us at


The jewelry displayed here looks like the kind of jewelry I'd wear.It reminds me of the kind of jewelry that I've seen at I'm not sure if I've seen such unique costume jewelry elsewhere until now.


Green jewelry is such a unique costume jewelry idea and very in keeping with the times we live in. For those looking for the swarovski crystal necklaces and earrings you can check out I saw lots of austrian crystal jewelry too.


Excellent posting! . . right up my alley . . .I am doing much work and research on the subject of "green" jewelry myself.

Thank you!


Six months ago, I discovered a website and maybe some of you could be interrested to look a it...those rings are realy special.


I adore vintage jewelry. I believe very much in reusing vintage keeps them from getting thrown away or growing cobwebs. I think anyone that has a piece of vintage jewelry, or has their mom's old jewelry lying around should spruce it up and wear it or have a jewelry designer friend revamp it.

Sally, jewelry expert

I'm fond of swarowski crystal, there are a lot of perfect jewelry with them.
I spend much money for it every year. :)

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