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Vintage Jewelry

Fantastic jewelry collection. I would like to wear those. Nice design, they are very cute.

Wendy Strgar

Hi- Found you again through your link with greenglobalgirls where I am a featured blogger- can we offer some green love products to your readers for valentines day- let me know. would love to link- Warmly, Wendy

Allison Kozdron

A great green gift I discovered this year is a reusable shopping bag. This way I can say no to all those plastic bags that pile up from shopping. I found these bags that fold up into a little pouch and fit in my purse. I gave one of these to all my friends. I found them at ReusableBags:

Lori Munroe

How about the Green search engine? The same person? Is there an Elsamary?

[email protected]

Lori Munroe

PLEASE HELP! I am trying to locate the founder of this site.

[email protected]

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