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This guy just torn up your post about that Wall E movie. I think you should lay some justice upon this poor soul. MIB4life!!

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I wish I had a good answer to the question of 'where is the line' but wanted to let you know that "Reality television is wierd" gave me a big chuckle.

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New paint and carpets off-gas and old carpets have dust mites and old paint has lead.

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There are dangers everywhere and a thousand more I do not know or that have not yet been discovered.

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Scientists don't even know enough about how hormones work to endorse them after menopause, or to warn women about a breast cancer link.

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Placenta ... what a gross name for a cream...

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I am pleased to say it is interesting that this blog has a great variety of viewpoints to better understand the situation and that is what most caught my attention and has a great variety of comments

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The politicians of my country does not make a difference. Politics is a science, its theory is great but to do it get lost in the way its ethical and moral principles.

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It is no new that times have changed, and not to improve, although life seems simpler, it is more dangerous in every way.

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All this is true, but it's nothing new to us. We live with chemicals in our food, children's toys in addition to being toxic are also dangerous, country differences separating us more each day, but we can not live in fear, we must think and will make a change for a better world.

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I prefer using natural products in my hair.It contains less chemicals and more nutrients and vitamins.

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I always make sure to consume food free of hormones.


I wish I had a good answer to the question of 'where is the line' but wanted to let you know that "Reality television is wierd" gave me a big chuckle.
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