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Many sex toys no longer have potentially harmful phthalates in them. For example, silicone sex toys are completely free of these chemicals making them safe to use. Check out the silicone dildos available at

penis extension

Unfortunately, toys with made with phthalates are cheaper than there greener counterparts and the consumer in ignorant bliss votes with his wallet

Prostate Massagers

Hello, your post is awesome! Now I knew about phthalates, first time I encountered this word :)


Fantatic article. In this day and age of "green" and "all natural living, these types of items are going to be flying off the shelves.

Vibrator Queen

It's not just the materials used to manufacture vibrators and other erotic products, there are also greener options for batteries and product packaging.

Sex Toys

Hey, nice job on the blog here. Some good ideas. Keep up the good work.

Sex Toys

Unfortunately, many sex toys that don't have Phthalates in them are more expensive than their unhealthy counterparts, which is one reason why many people don't care. Plus, all you have to do is look at all the smokers out there, do people really think that a few chemicals will kill them? Do they care? Fortunately there are enough Phthalate-free sex toys out there now-a-days to keep most sex-toy-loving, health-conscience people happy.

James Addison

It is so awful that there are so many chemicals surrounding us daily, at the same note it's great that there's a rise in the number of folks supporting the greener side of live.Its focusing on the health issues/ benefits of sex products.

Kalimar Shibioz

I never understood why so many people are so ashamed to talk about or even contrast to sexuality in public. I know this old guy whom runs whom would run naked through the streets with sex toys strapped around his body. He had so many on that you couldn't really tell whether or not he was even wearing clothes under them, lol. This place has, or at least did have, the story & video last time I checked. dunno if it's still there, but you can look to see if you can find it.


OK, dumb question, but glass sex toys seem kind of dangerous since glass is quite sharp if it breaks, or am I missing something here?


If you are looking for more sex toys, check this out xandria products. offers 30 years experience in fine erotic adult toys, lingerie, fetish wear, sex education and pleasure. Three-way guarantee.

wendy hammond

do you have a catalog?nice stuff.

sex toy shop

It's great to see stories like this with adult sex toy products most people are afraid to post these and just shows that you care. I have one myself i appreciate this article.


It is so awful that there are so many chemicals surrounding us daily, at the same note it's great that there's a rise in the number of folks supporting the greener side of live. At Love Me Naturally (, we sell only chemical free lubes and only glass Pyrex sex toys for these reasons here. We even carry the brand that was posted above!

The Artist

Well spoken.


Hi- Thanks for focusing on the health issues/ benefits of sex products. It is truly amazing how much nasty petrochemical paraben loaded product gets passed off as sex products. We make all natural love products- paraben and petrochemical free that really work. Take a look at Also I write about making love sustainable and would love to hear your feedback about my blog
Can I post your blog on my blog? Kind of new to this... Wendy

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