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Canada Goose

At the same time we've been nosing around other people's homes - kind of like the day job, but the houses are generally tidier - while building up a collaborative vision for what we want 'home' to look and feel like for us over the next few years


makes me really glad I'm milking my own cow . .


thanks for the correction! sorry for the sloppiness...I haven't been blogging so often lately to stay on my toes.


Just a little correction...Ethylene is not a hormone, but it mimics the effect of hormons.

Alotta Errata

I think I might have seen something like this. The stiker was not on the fruit but rather on the plastic 4-pac container.

Still, i prefer just ripining my peaches in a brown paper bag. Who cares if I squeeze them, I'm just going to eat it anyway.

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