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I have to say you have a great blog, i really enjoy reading it, i have bookmarked it so i can find it back

Keep up the good work



wow, this would have been great last summer (i live in the tropics and summer has just finished here). Oh yeah, we try to do this here too. When i was young we used banana trunks as rafts for river rides but now that bananas (and rivers) are hard to come by, i probably could try this at the beach next summer. great writing!


yeah, does this make anyone else crack up just a little? Its actually a good idea for putting empty soda bottles into something useful. Some might think it's "ghetto" to insert empty used soda bottles with even maybe little brown coke stains inside. Might as well put some empty cheeto bags inside for more cushion. But really, you have to give it up for the guy who made it, it sounds like he lives a greener lifestyle than most of us who read this blog. I can imagine this being a hit at bonaroo this year.

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