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Hi - I'm a grandmother-aged woman living in Germany. I think that your experiments are
great. Do not accept blindly ANYTHING.
Reach your own conclusions. That is the start of treu wisdon. And you have all demonstrated that! I think you are all
wonderful. Keep it up !


A school science class saw this same experiment and tried to duplicate it using serious processes:

The result was that the microwaved water had no effect on the growth of the plants whatsoever (as the previous poster powell_beau tested and saw as well).

While microwaves may or may not be bad, they don't appear to hurt the water if you're going to water your plants with it.

mirella gonzalez

i only an 14,and i think u should do the experiment at least 4 times and with some other plants to test on,in my opinion i whould't belive something that is been tested only once and by a litlle kid............

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Lots of people, I have learned, use the microwave to heat water for tea!
I tried it and this is what I discovered: The water is always too hot. Often, it does not boil. Worse, to my palate, it makes tea taste "flat", becoming more colored water than the flavorful, complexly layered beverage that tea can be.

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Bottom line is, the results are interesting, and duplicate the results that others have reported (try Googling '"microwaved water" plants') more experiments need to be done with better controls and as a double blind study.

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food is so kind of important for people and we never take it into seriously research.This article makes me to think more about food.

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What a fantastic blog!! I loved how detailed each of the entries were. They were well balanced - fun and informative - and the pictures were great too.

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Too many people are too gullible and too lazy to do their own investigations, and too much of what comes to us over the Internet is a bunch of bunk. Next time you see something that looks incredible, believe me, it probably IS.

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I Would Not Think Microwaved Water Would Kill pants I Would Think It Would Make Them Live Longer To To Warm Water On Them

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your blog is what you write and the style you demonstrate. Thank you. Best wishes to you.

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Hey Guys I am pro green...

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Thanks mate... just dropped by. Will look for BIKE STN when we get to Seattle. Still in Buenos Airies.

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I just feel microwaved water is poisoning and might cause cancer. It can not be that safe or non polluted at all.

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Firstly, it's not natural. And i believed there could be radiation on the water.


I wanna say something,especially if I read a post that really grabs my attention. However, I won’t do it for the sake of doing it.I just think that I really like in your article point of view.

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Yes. It's radiation what would you expect.

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"This means that a plant fed only microwave water would not likely survive, but it would take a long time for it to die from it." amazing saying.

i just did a science experiment on this subject and microwaved watered did grow at the same speed boiled and normal water. I think what happened is that they boiled the water in plastic.
One other thing is i am not saying that microwaved water is good for you i just saying in this experiment it did not show it.

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You have talked about issued that are debatable in a very subtle manner and informative way…good. How did you manage to do this is a big question. You have inspired me to work harder now.

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fine. i guess i have to school you all.

Yes, microwave water hurts plants, and probably all living things.

It does NOT alter your DNA or any DNA (this is just plain stupid) it DOES alter the way water molecules are arranged making it more difficult for animals or plants to use efficiently.

This means that a plant fed only microwave water would not likely survive, but it would take a long time for it to die from it. It's also likely that if a person ate only microwaved food for their entire lives that they would be adversely affected by their increased inability to use water effectively assuming they did not get water from any other source. They'd probably die from the amount of preservatives in the microwaveable food first.

The rest of you with your grade 3 science fair projects are pretty fucking stupid to think that your infantile little experiments mean anything.

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Really thanks very much for sharing it.. it's an amazing experiment...... I enjoyed to be visiting your blog.

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