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Hey - I just did a trackback to this post. I blogged about this the other day. First, I had to figure out what polystyrene WAS (I didn't know the scientific term for the brand name "styrofoam").
The reason I looked into it was b/c the package I got had an 800-number for recycling centers. So there is some hope as far as places willing to collect the peanuts for reuse in shipping.
And I included two links for eco-foam (that corn starch product referenced above).


Makes you sort of wonder why we don't just start with the PHA, if it's biodegradable.

I wouldn't mind seeing the pyrostyrene peanuts legislated out of existence in favor of those corn foam peanuts that melt when you add water. Those actually are as much fun as bubble wrap!

The best solution to peanuts is probably to re-use them. Not that we have stuff like Ebay, almost everyone has to ship something sooner or later.

But my favorite idea for re-using pyrostyrene peanuts is for house insulation. I know that EPS styrofoam is a very effective insulator, and I've never quite understood why peanuts aren't collected and just packed into the walls of new homes? It seems like the trapped air between them would make them very effective as insulation. They might also be useful if added to poured concrete or rammed earth walls.


when I was a little kid (9 yo) I was stopped in the street by a man in his twenties who slapped some styrofoam peanuts out of my hands that I was carelessly popping as I walked home from school one day. He then started screaming at me about not doing that because I am going to get cancer. I dont even know what I said back, but Ill never forget it.

green LA girl

I got a bunch in an xmas package last year -- I've just been using it up bit by bit while sending packages to other people. Reuse :)

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