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Discount Mbts

I bought these shoes because I have bad back and foot pain and travel frequently. When I put them on it was like walking on air. They were much cuter than I thought they would be--I went back and ordered a pair of sandals. Highly recommend. Ordered my exact size and they fit perfectly.


Rediscovering the open air...the only downsides are not being able to give friends a ride, and figuring out how to tote groceries up the hill.

I got hopeful seeing this Gristmill post about a new carpooling service, Pooln:

Seems like a long-overdue idea. But so far, only found less than 10 people here within a few miles of me. That can only change if more people join...

green LA girl

Ah -- Perhaps Benz died of her love for biodiesel, having had to settle too often for that much-less satisfying lover, plain-ol-diesel, due to the difficulty of finding biodiesel in San Fran...

So how're you getting around?

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