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I would join any as long as its for the good.

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Merci pour la citation ;-)

Quand je parle de référencement organique, ce n’est pas exactement du référencement naturel ou visibilité. Il s’agit spécifiquement des liens qui sont générés de manière spontanée.
De plus, lorsqu’il s’agit d’un backlink utile au référencement, le lien doit être crawlable et pondérable. Hors, ce n’est pas le cas sur Twitter (liens en nofollow) et encore moins avec les divers raccourcisseurs d’URLs qui passent pas une redirection 302 plutôt que 301. Pour finir, certains liens sont chopés sur des redirections existantes type feedburner avant d’être passé par le raccourcisseur.
Bref, entre le nofollow et les redirections sur redirections, je peux certifier que le backlink est totalement mort.


I don't know what "Buy nothing" means.. :) Unfortunately, when I see something great I can't ignore it.

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Sounds Lovely! I would love to read more stuff interesting and educating from you. looking forward and will subscribe to you too. Just make easier way to do it.

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Im afraid this might end up being a little bit like people who go on no-sugar, no-fat diets. How long does it last? Let's just say not very. I would sign the compact for a month. Or a week. And then try and figure out why I was having trouble getting through that month. That week. That day.


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Hey what a great site. I reckon that the Compact is the way to go. I am a cheapskate by birth ( Scottish Decent ) but seriously I realy hate waste, like people chucking out a TV on the Curb because they want a bigger one.

I'll sign Up for the Compact where's it at?


i think its a good idea, but a bit difficult so i am starting small, i will buy as much as i can second hand, and try to go without somethings, i am a cheapskate anyway and seem to attract peoples stuff, i dont know why but people just give me stuff, i didnt buy my bed, my bike or half of my clothes. I think that even if we dont want to go the whole way we can look at the tips and take some of the idea's into account, wow, i make no sense, need sleep. goodnight


I stumbled across your blog while I was doing some online research. I'm torn about this one. Yes, it would certainly help the environment and fight over consumption, but our economy is based on consumerism. Not sure how I stand on this!

Rebecca Carter

Really interesting. Reminds me of a concept like the 100-mile diet. ( Also, did you see the newest Treehugger video: Swaporama? I link to it from my blog post:

Great blog, by the way.


Its a little too much.. did you see that blog? I totally agree that we are overwhelmed with consumerism though. This is going to become another obsession. Welcome to the next wave of self righteous San fransicans.. dirt hipsters on bikes look out. This is the next image race for who is the scummier looking person with the most recycled stuff. Finally, American apparel will come out with a line of recycled clothes stamped with their logo and paris Hilton will wear it to the next red carpet event. Maybe its not so bad afterall.

Compacters, welcome to the lives of the poor. Just dont mock us.. I actually cant claim poverty, well that is questionable too. I did come poor to this country. The salvation army saved my ass growing up.. now its cool to wear thrift shopped clothes. I shamelessly wear and keep the same clothes for as long as I can. I hate shopping for clothes actually..hate it. Thus, i still rock stuff from high school, Im 30. I dont really care too much for style on the daily, but I do have my secret stash of prada and gucci that I bought 3 years ago after loosing my sweet dot com job. Yes one of these compacters is just dying for me to get rid of my prada shoes so they can brag about what they found on craigslist. Good luck buddy, you are not getting my shoes!! Ill give them to my younger cousins in Peru.

I think real change starts inside....instead of obsessing on compacting, first change your desire to have more stuff... why do we need all of this crap anyway?

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