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phoenix copier repair

This is one way to save our environment.


thanks for the reassurance...yeah, I sorta understand if stores don't want photos taken, and perhaps I made a faux pas and am being reactionary. Still, it's not like great secrets of national security are stocked on their shelves. And the store could have been more chill about the whole thing.

The two people who monkeyed with my camera made me feel unwelcome and made the store look unfriendly, even if they're the only two turkeys there. In the name of good PR, they get lame PR. All the world's PR minders are annoying enough when you're trying to get information out of any company or govt. organization, but I didn't expect the lockdown at a chunky-granola coop! ok, maybe I'm being silly too...blah blah


Sorry to hear that...that's definitely stupid of them. I just got a NO for an answer too when I asked (before taking pictures) if I could take a few pictures in this used/recycled cloth shop I just found in Antibes...I got a pix of the front entrance with no problem..but not inside because the woman wasn't feeling confident about her stuffs...they were not worth my visit for sure, all used GI uniforms etc. mostly...:-P wouldn't wear it for the world. But I'll show the pix later in my blog post to recommend not to go there :-)


how silly that the employee asked you erase the photo!!! for what????? i am laughing outloud because most likely the companies would be thrilled at the idea that you are taking photographs of their products and distributing them. it is like you are doing free marketing FOR THEM!!! Silly employee, tricks are for kids.

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