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Blue Cobalt

If you like zaadz, but are looking for something a little more on the green tip, you should come check out

We just recently launched, and are working to help people move beyond sharing information, and into applying it in their daily lives as change that will help themselves, those around them, and ultimately have a global impact.



ok.. I looked at it again.. maybe not as many strange vegans, I just happen to find a few nut cases the first time I looked... I know thats a subjective opinion as well. It feels like Im going to a holistic retreat with overly sensitive people except its a website. Can't deal.... but its cool if you have never done a social network is enough work.


tee hee, look who's talking about vegans but just finished almost 2 months (?) of no dairy.

Melissa--glad I'm not the only one with a similar Ayn Rand reaction. think i spotted Emily Dickinson on that list at some point too though..?

coolmel--I love that Boomeritis story you link to. thanks!


"but it seems filled with a bunch of potheads or weird vegans."

keyword here is "seems". i've met some vegans but none close to weird. and potheads? i don't know, maybe there are some but they're the exceptions rather than the rule. and in case someone is wondering, i'm neither a pothead nor a vegan. just weird.

btw, collectively, Zaadz is above and beyond "green." :)


he he.. ayn rand. who made this list? someone write to them and point this out. Personally zaads seems wishi washi meow meow. It could be cool but it seems filled with a bunch of potheads or weird vegans. dont get me wrong on that either. Id love to have a social network like this filled with real movers and shakers who pursue green the futures of green technologies and sustainability, zaads does not look like that yet.

Melissa Mansfield

oh my lord - the ONE "greatest thinker" woman who is listed is...
Ayn Rand.

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