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excellent , I think that this is really good!

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in fact to me this is the best material to buy all the pots and pans in my house, many people warning me about the danger of use this, allegedly this material release little amount of some toxics sustance in the food.

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"People who worked around PFOA in factories have sued after developing cancer and having kids with birth defects." That's terrible.

Staying green

This is an important message to get out. I have a parrot. If you ever wonder how dangerous teflon is, just ask a bird owner about it. Teflon is a major lung hazard to birds. Interestingly enough birds were used in mines to test how poisonous the air was. So if teflon is poisonous to birds, well....


Thank you so much for this info. I am transferring to the cast iron myself and was wondering what to do with the old teflon pans. This was very helpful even though there seems to be no place for them yet. I will continue to look.

On another note... your blog is FABULOUS. It is important information. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world. I intend to share our blog over at if you don't mind. There is a huge community of people who can benefit from your posts.

Thanks again,
Shelly Horten
Las Vegas, NV

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