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steven davies

I love Consumer Electronics Showa in Las Vegas too.The more I learned about electronics, the more I discovered how fascinating it was to me. At the beginning I drew my designs mixing things like protoboards and connection diagrams. I started to apply electronis without knowing exactly how they were used, but I was focused on trying to solve problems.

steven davies

I have real affection for the Consumer Electronics Show held every January in Las Vegas. I have attended it off and on since 1982 when I first made the trek as an executive at Atari.

Jason Preston

Hey Elsa,

If you're planning to show up at CES this year as well, I'd like to extend an invite to the bloggers-only party that the Blog Business Summit team is hosting on January 9th.

You can find more info about the party by going to and clicking through the "blogger party" link up top.

If you'd like to attend, just e-mail Teresa (address attached to this comment) and we'll get you set up.

Don Bosch (


Missed ya at the Carnival this week! Get this post over to Shae so he can add it. []




Herein lies the great paradox of technology. I think it is so funny to see that scenario unfold when you asked the marketing manager those questions. I can almost hear that sterile tone replying to your questions with that aloof to the problem veneer corporate talk crap... I hate that S!@#. It would have made a great little movie scene.
What a turnout of events though. The worlds largest consumer electronics ghetto at work. The minds behind it.. This sounds like an indication to start talking more and more about green technology.. It is these giant to companies that have to be convinced to embrace sustainability. Recycling would be a great step first step in the case of this years CES... at least that... at least.
Its really crazy to me, debacherous to the earth, and particularly poignant to the green movement. Its a slap in the face to the environment and proof of how little we really have achieved as far as corporate green awareness, or should I restate; a reminder of how much work is yet to be done.

I wish that the CES producers would embrace "being green" as a positive marketing message for this years conventions. The concepts are becoming more and more mainstream everyday. This is where it takes everyone.. kudos to companies like NEC who are taking on some of these issues head on by making biodegradeable plastics made from corn. I hope more companies follow suit. It could maybe escalade into a feature at next years CES. True green technology!!! Great Post!!!

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