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Robert Landbeck

The whole planet may be about to discover just how green God is. I quote:

'An epochal event is unfolding on the web, the terms by which authority, knowledge, selfhood, reality and time are conceived has been altered.' For those able to think for themselves and imagine outside the cultural box, who are prepared and willing to learn something new, the beginnings of an intellectual and moral revolution have already started with the most potent NVDA any human being can take for peace, change and progress.

Don Bosch (

You know, that's a good point, Mig. The Apostle Paul once wrote (I'm paraphrasing here) that he was a little torn in his faith - to be with God would be great, but staying here on earth and continuing God's work is also great. Personally, it was hearing somebody read about Christ's return in Revelations that got me thinking about what life was all about (especially after this life), and trying to take in the majesty of the Oregon Coast, that brought me to the place where I decided to become a Christian. I don't think it's that unusual for people to want to know if this life we're living is all there is.

What you may read as dominionism is more likely the expression of folks that know God loves mankind and has a bigger plan for us all than the sin and pollution and death that is so much a part of our world. That's what the real Christmas message is about, by the way. Since only God has the big picture, our job is to be good stewards in the meantime, which could be one day or thousands. I think most Christians (including the ones I know in D.C.) get that.

On Industry (if I may) - I'm a Navy environmental scientist by trade. Most folks are surprised to hear that the Defense department even has environmentalists on staff (almost as surprised as when they find a church with environmental staff!). About 2,500 environmentalists around the world in the Navy alone. My colleagues and I work every day to make sure we're good stewards of our oceans and training areas and bases so that we can continue to do the mission our Nation has called us to. Clearly, many folks object to the military altogether. But if we're going to have one, it should be eco-friendly.

Same with industry and energy. None of us can avoid either one. I heard yesterday about a small plating shop being cleaned up. The shop made rivets for jeans! The computers you and I are sitting at right now need energy. And so on. The challenge is working with industry/utilities to be more efficient and eco-friendly, while recognizing that they provide a valuable service to our citizens. We have to be innovative in our thinking to bring environmental solutions to the table the way we've had to in defense. Using solar-hosted websites for blogs is easy to do, for instance (hint hint). I'm very optimistic that we'll get there, and you're right, we have to keep at it. We changed habits in DoD when base commanders started getting NOVs, but more importantly, we've changed the defense culture in the past 20 years by helping them see the intrinsic value (and cost savings) of an integrated environmental effort. That takes some give and take from both sides of the table.

2006 is going to be an interesting year for our planet, I think!

(Thanks again, Elsa!)
Grace and peace,
db []


This is to Don who wrote the long piece-
It is great to hear the point of view of someone who is part of christian groups who do not support dominion theology. As I expected, they are few and far between. However what freaks me out about it is all the evidence that our current president and his cabinet conduct themselves like dominionist. For example Cheney has many links to organizations that harbor dominionist(sits on boards for some questionable groups). This frankly is scary.. or how about Rice's comment to a freaked out flood survivor. It was something like: " its ok, its ok, this will all be over soon." this is in no way conclusive evidence that she supports dominion thought, however it makes me think twice about what she really meant considering her support for the administrations attack on the environment.
Dont forget that this president has cutback more than any other in this area(alaska drilling too).. this is all very sad. Have you ever heard a developer or oil company directors support their directives (npr interviews)? They sound like what I would imagine a dominionist would be like, no regard for the evironment and shortsighted. I hope we can find a way to change their minds Don.

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