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butt plug

If every are aware on this kind of article, I am sure that they are to give importance as well as knows the limitation and danger of this thing.


Green sex toys should be offered in coffee shops arround the world :)

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Very true. Having it with your couple must be always honest and passionate.

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great post, love to your blog ..

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most interesting post in this niche.


It's so wonderful to know that sex toys industry has also evolved into a more "environment-friendly" theme. Who would've taught that lubricants can be so organic as well as the other sex toys available. Atleast, even if you are in heaven having intercourse with your partner, in a way you're also helping to save our mother nature. LOL! :)

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Outstanding, what an amazing way to convey your current thoughts and opinions? Cool I must say? I do think you're correct. Hope to read more write-ups from your end and I am seriously looking ahead for it.


Great write-up dude. What you suggested I did the same and I must say I got fruitful results. Your step by step instructions are clear and I could make out my way to success. Thanks for sharing this with us. Looking forward to more from you.

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we will custom blend a flavour of lube for special occasion, as well as special need.

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The natural sex is the best way of getting pleasure in life.

All the artificial things like toy's and vibrator cant give the real pleasure they only help to achieve orgasm but no satisfaction!

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Your sex drive does not act in isolation so to enjoy natural sex they way you are supposed to try these simple diet changes that are proven to work.

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Feel free to use these--resize them and modify them--for your own stuff, especially if you just want to play around, give it a practice try before investing time and potentially money into a map project. I've included them with transparent backgrounds to make it easy to drop into your map.

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Health is the best treasure (which) a man can possess. Money can do many things, but it cannot buy happiness. However, so long as man has good health, he can enjoy the pleasures of human life. Thank you so much for this tutorial! Red velvet is my husband's favorite, so he LOVED the heart surprise in the middle when he cut into his birthday cake last week :)

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hi ... I really am very grateful for any information that you shared with readers, to me seemed a very interesting and I love to get much more information.

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thanks for sharing this information. It is quite useful for the youth.


SF Sex Toy

This is why I stopped dumpster diving...

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Its a lot cheaper to buy a generic battery for my ibook rather than buying one from the apple store...has anyone had any problems with a generic one? do they work the same or are they a lot worse?

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Great idea! i’m going to give your recycling a shot. but there are other things that are not better recycled.

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Imagine what it would like to be an individual who is both gay and a
member of a racial/ethnic group. Would this have a positive or
negative impact, or both?


YEs, some adult toys are just toxic. We must only get these toys from the expert and only to those who have experience in making these toys. They are eco friendly. check these out xandria products.

Libby Patterson

we will custom blend a flavour of lube for special occasion, as well as special need.
please get in touch with me, to ask me more about our organic lubes...


[email protected]

sex toy shop

Most people are not aware that petroleum based lubricants can eat a hole in condoms and i am glad you pointed this out. They should post a warning about that on condom boxes itself and this is coming from a sex toy shop website owner

green for health

I found a great site called Love Me Naturally that focuses ONLY on lubes that don't have any chemicals. They carry Angelic Aromas and Sylk too, plus others -

green LA girl

You just totally killed my -- whatever --

Vegan condoms seem to be working just as well as the non-vegan type --


I personally think fausto is onto something... but I will not be the one recycling the condoms.

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