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and it's not just in NYC:


Thanks for the link!

green LA girl

That's really, really gross -- I'm so glad I don't live in NY right now --


oh yeah, you were probably joking...i was in a hurry


Hey Katz! My 90 y.-o. entomologist Grandpa fought malaria in WWII by killing mosquito populations in Brazil. He talks about how a tiny droplet of DDT in a room-size aquatic tank exterminated everything within inside within hours. ouch. not what you want to spray around a house.


Dunno, Else, maybe a little DDT wouldn't be such a bad thing here. Did wonders for malaria ....


thanks for the tip! so grateful that i don't have to use it...

Amie Nguyen

Nasty indeed...

Another way to avoid those nasty critters is with a latex mattress. 100% latex rubber is naturally antimicrobial and eaily cleanable.

Will you sleep tight tonight?

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