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Homes nowadays are very functional and extraordinary. And with the kind of economy we have, paying the bills like electrical bills are costly. There are solar powered homes that are cheap and can use renewable energy from the sun. Thanks a lot for the new technology. This will definitely make us save more money that usual.


Juan, are you sure that you're allowed to only produce equal to your consumption? Unless PG&E is changing the rules, that doesn't sound right...and its definitely a poor idea! You should absolutely be able to overproduce and sell back to the utilities. How the heck else are we going to inspire folks to get off-the-grid and focus on renewable energy sources? This is something the public utilities clearly have no interest in.

Juan J. San Mames

So, I called for an estimate and I found out that I am "ONLY allowed to produce equal to my consuption" in otherwords I cannot compete with PG&E by installing more panels in my roof and sell back to the utility since I will not be pay if I over produce.
What is the idea or use solar or going "green" if you stuck with a $50,000.00 bill or $2,000 per solar panel? Will someone convince me that I am not being ripp off? Also the whole idea is to be self sufficient eleminating "OIL usage" If PG&E MAKES MONEY using oil to generate why am I not allowed generate extra with panels? At least I should be able to give credits to my neighbord. I want to change and HELP but big brother only wants me to change to fit his needs and not my vision.

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