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oakley frogskins

if so another level of health concerns needs to be studied heavily before endorsing these kinds of products.

tempe medical marijuana

That's good not only for them to save money but also they contribute help to our environment.

bladder control

Well, bioplastics are more environment-friendly.

Sam Nisbett

James Rubenol

This is a second comment on a similar blog entry....

This is an interesting blog but I have a few concerns about how these types of products are being marketed. My first major concern is that these types of products are being marketed as eco-friendly because they are biodegradable but in reality these types of products never reach a compost pile where they can degrade. Our cities are not currently set up to handle a large amount of compost, most cities only have access to landfills which are specifically designed to not allow water or air to come in contact with waste, without which the items will not degrade. The main concern with heavily endorsing a massive compost location for all major cities is that items which are biodegradable can release chemicals into the air and water, many of which are toxic and some of which we are unclear about the effects. To allow a mass release of these chemicals without knowing the full affect would be irresponsible and unsafe. Furthermore when talking about recycling (reusing) these kinds of products bacteria become an issue of major concern, I'm not sure if bacteria growth would be even larger on these types of products, if so another level of health concerns needs to be studied heavily before endorsing these kinds of products.

Another concern of mine is that these products tend to advertise that they use no oil to produce. While I agree that our dependency on oil is not the best idea, to say that the creation of plastic significantly increases our dependency is misleading at best. I was recently reading that oil use for the production of plastics consumed in the US constitutes as less than .002% of the overall consumption of oil in our country. To me this doesn't constitute enough to give the companies the right to use it as a tool to get more people to buy their products. Wal-Mart advertising that there will be a 800,000 gallons of gasoline a year cut because of a change in product is minuscule when looking at the fact that the US consumes 400,000,000 gallons of gasoline each day. Lastly, these products may take no gasoline to make but what about how much oil/gasoline is used in cultivating all the corn and other such produce which goes into production of these products. I think that this would be another interesting area to study and see the impact before allowing these industries to mislead us all.

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