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Thank you very much for the post. This is a pretty good post. Keep posting such interesting topics. Cheers.

Susan "Anti Aging Eye Cream" Jenner

Scientist always do research and found something such as chemicals that are bad for our health but why is it that we always found it in the market still for sale. Or is it just us depending on the fast results and some kind practical...

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I would like the river monsters to come to west virginia and investigate the dam at cotton hill fayette county .They say that there is fish bigger than a volkswagon. would love to know how true it is thamk you. it would be great to have river monsters to come to fulton new york to investigate these sturgeon bcuz ive never seen one in those waters and it was amazing.


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Medical research is proving that fragrances can trigger asthma; that the detergents in shampoos can damage eye tissue; and that hair-dye chemicals can cause bladder cancer and lymphoma…

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Thanks to your post, I am now more aware in choosing a skin care product.

Sam Nisbett

Charmaine Waldrop

I feel it would be ideal to apply the same principle I do to food that I do on what cosmetic products I use, however in today's modern world, this is not only impractical, but almost entirely impossible; but I do try.

Even with the widespread trend of organic and natural goods becoming more and more accessible, I know it's impossible to do this without exception even in regards to food. I try to refrain from eating processed goods as much as I can; what doesn't come from the earth or naturally exist, I won't put in my mouth.

Read the ingredients on the label, and if you can recognize most of them -or have at least some inkling of an idea as to their origins- chances are it's probably alright. If not... you might want to rethink putting it back on the shelf.

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