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Oakley Sunglasses

Cool picture, eerie sight. We live in the country and get heavy fog sometimes. I ALWAYS think of that story driving through the fog.

pinnacle security

Fabulous post. Perhaps you should go into editing, considering your excellent record for commissioning great posts by others!!

phoenix copier repair

It's still good.

bladder control

Yeah, many times a handkerchief just won't do for me too.

Sam Nisbett


I used to use hankies.. the problem is that you walk around with snot in your pocket.. nasty. We could all go back to rocket shooting nose blowing, an millenium old technique perfected by hindus and many others in the east.


Nosegay - what a great name for a band! I think this must be a fluke, but for nearly 24 hours, the "most recommended story" on Yahoo News has to do with "Friends of the Earth." Pressure Group, World Bank Spar over Money for Clean Energy;_ylt=Au2G5Qvd6qgC3TZr53AOk30DW7oF;_ylu=X3oDMTBiMW04NW9mBHNlYwMlJVRPUCUl


you're so right. but I've already used 10+ tissues in the first 20 minutes at work. this isn't uncommon...many times a handkerchief just won't do. boo hoo. ok, so I could ban the cat from my bed...

green LA girl

This may not really be helpful, but may I suggest a handkerchief? Seriously, those hankies are soft, gentle, and reusable (eco-friendly) -- Plus they add a sexy old school touch to any outfit -- till you use them, of course :)

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